What drives us!

The Ohio Art Corridor


The giant sculptures placed in the “micro parks” along the corridor will reflect the local history and beauty of that particular area thus providing culture, education, and art to the cities and towns in Southeastern Ohio. We believe that the “micro parks” located within The Ohio Art Corridor will draw families, students, and many others to embrace and explore cities and towns thus increasing tourism and revenue for those towns.


The Ohio Art Corridor is dedicated to providing educational opportunities. The Ohio Art Corridor is dedicated to job creation. They work alongside welding and art programs throughout Southeastern Ohio in order to teach and promote trade skills in order to create jobs. Interns from such programs are invited to assist in the creation of the giant art sculptures comprising The Ohio Art Corridor. The Ohio Art Corridor will eventually partner with local public schools in order to involve youth in the design aspects of the sculptures. Educational pursuits and creating jobs are an integral piece of The Ohio Art Corridor’s plan and mission to “Provide Appalachia access to culture, art, and educational experiences while supporting and increasing tourism and revenue”.


Art is a form of creative human expression and a way of enriching the human experience. The Ohio Art Corridor is committed to enriching the experiences and ultimately the lives of those in Southeastern Ohio through the artistic sculptures and beautiful parks that will be placed along the corridor.

The Ohio Art Corridor will be the longest and largest outdoor art gallery in the world!


The Ohio Art Corridor believes that Appalachia has an incredible culture that can best be expressed through art. The Ohio Art Corridor sculptures will help express, explain, and increase the rich culture that is already present.


The Ohio Art Corridor is a heritage project in that it explores a community’s cultural heritage, its traditions and celebrations, literature, and arts, the local and global economy, and everyday life. It then portrays it in a lasting sculpture surrounded by parks, benches, and tables to be enjoyed for generations to come.


Rebekah Griesmyer

Executive Director

Rebekah has an AA in Theatre Arts from BYU-Idaho, a BA in Drama from the University of Georgia, and a Master's of Educational Leadership from Liberty University. Rebekah has directed children's theatre as well as taught drama and dance for 20 years. Being a military wife, she moved around and worked in private studios, at non-profit theatres, as well as city-run recreational programs; many times starting and running her own programs. Providing access and education of performing arts has always been important to Rebekah. As a mother of six children, she is pleased and honored to share her love of the arts with as many people as possible and make the world a better and more beautiful world for the next generation.

David Griesmyer

Artistic Director

A native of Ohio, David Griesmyer worked for 13 years gaining expertise in fabrication as a representative for a medical company making, repairing and fabricating surgical instruments. His true passion has always been art. He expresses his creativity through pen and ink, acrylic paints, and metal sculptures. In 2013, he left the medical field and struck out to build a business from the ground up that makes the most of not only his skills, but also his talent. With a passion for bringing his creative vision to life, David draws inspiration from the beauty and innocence in life. He has developed a unique welded sculpture technique that allows him to use the welding torch like a paint brush, creating one of a kind pieces in stainless steel. David also put his creative talents into more functional objects such as custom and creative furniture lines and pieces for four and five star hotels and resorts. His company has been growing by leaps and bounds, while employing a large variety of talents. Including welders, designers, CAD drawers, engineers and machinists. David is passionate about increasing revenue, tourism, quality of life, and job development in Southeastern Ohio. He accomplishes this through his company DG Welding and Design as well as his brainchild, The Ohio Art Corridor, a non-profit dedicated to providing public art to small towns and communities throughout the region